Calvin Harris net worth

Calvin Harris net worth

Net Worth: $110 Million

About Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris net worth

As for the day, Calvin Harris net worth amounts to $110, making him one of the richest men in show business. If you are a real fan of this singer, songwriter and DJ, you might also know him as Adam Richard Wiles. Yep, that’s his real name and Calvin Harris is just a pseudonym. And yet again, if you are not particularly into this guy’s music, his stage name might still seem familiar to you. If only for one reason, he’s currently in a relationship with young and charming Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift. By the way, Taylor’s fortune is even greater then Calvin Harris net worth: the girlfriend currently has some $200 million in her account. So yes, this couple won’t have to worry about money any time soon… But it is not money (alone) that makes this couple incredibly happy. According to the sources close to the stars, they are madly into each other and enjoy every single moment together. Now let’s get back to our main topic and take a look at Calvin’s career, which turned him into a multi-millionaire.
Calvin was born in 1984, in Scotland and first gained attention at the age 18.

Back in the day he went by the name “Stouffer”, while the names of the songs that earned him attention were “Da Bongos” and “Brighter Days”. Harris‘ first album, titled I Created Disco, reached the stores in 2007 and was pretty successful commercially. Mainly due to the popularity of singles „The Girls“ and „Acceptable In the 80s“ it hit UK Album Chart at No. 8, selling over 16 thousand copies during the first week. By the year 2014 I Created Disco has sold 223 thousand copies. Quite a good start, wasn’t it?
Calvin’s next album, which featured such hits as “I’m Not Alone”, “Ready for the Weekend”, “Flashback” and “You Used to Hold Me”, experienced even a greater success. Not only it topped UK Albums Chart, Scottish Albums Chart, UK Dance Albums Chart, but was also popular way outside the borders of the United Kingdom. For example, it entered Australian Dance Albums Chart, European Top 100 Albums, French Albums Chart and US Heatseekers Albums. According to the data published by Music Week in 2014, eventually the album has sold more than 274 copies, adding a considerable sum to the Calvin‘s account (as well as that of his producers).
Speaking about the more recent sources of Calvin Harris net worth, we just have to mention his latest album, titled Motion. As far as I know, this has been the most successful of his records so far. Motion distributed more than 100 thousand copies in the United Kingdom, earning gold certification, and was somewhat unexpectedly popular in Sweden, selling over 80 thousand copies in this Northern country alone. What can we say: if Harris keeps earning money at this speed, soon he might be richer than his gorgeous girlfriend!

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