Candy Spelling net worth

Candy Spelling net worth

Net Worth: $600 Million

About Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling net worth

Candy Spelling is one of the richest authors in the world right now, with Candy Spelling net worth currently reaching 600 million dollars. In addition to her being an author, she is also a regular on TV screens as well as one of the most active philanthropists. In addition, she is also known of family relations. Her husband was a well known person in cinema industry, Aaron Spelling.

Candy Spelling was born in Beverly Hills, California, in a very rich family. In fact, her family had maids, who also took care of little candy Spelling. In 1968, as it was already mentioned, she married Aaron Spelling, who was a screenwriter, producer and director. With him, she has two kids – Victoria Davey and Randy Gene Spelling. Her children also have appeared in TV screens and they even starred in their father’s production of “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

Candy Spelling and her husband Aaron Spelling designed their own house in Holmby Hills, which was called Spelling Manor. The mansion was completed in 1988. The mansion is really impressive, with having 123 rooms. In addition, the Spelling Manor has been stated to be the most luxurious and largest homes in the Los Angeles County area.

When her husband died in 2006, the mansion was left to be divided between Candy Spelling and her two kids. Also, it has been assumed that every member of Aaron Spelling’s family got 800 thousand dollars, and such amount of money also increased the overall sum of Candy Spelling net worth.

In addition, after the death of her husband, Candy Spelling stated that she was going to downsize her living space and bought two-story condo in 2008, which was worth 47 million dollars. However, in 2013, a lot of controversy came along when Candy Spelling sued her homemakers because there was no restaurant built in her home, as it was agreed upon.

In 2009, it was stated that Candy Spelling was selling the Spelling Manor due to the fact that it became too big for the family. The price for the sale was 150 million dollars, which was also the highest sum asked in the United States for a property. In 2011, the Spelling Manor was bought for 85 million dollars by Petra Ecclestone. In addition, selling this property was also shown on TV in a documentary called “Selling Spelling Manor”. Thus, this involvement also added up to the overall amount of Candy Spelling net worth.

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