Caridee English net worth

Caridee English net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Caridee English

Caridee English net worth

It has been stated that the total amount of CariDee English net worth is as much as 2 million dollars currently. She has earned a huge part of her fame and net worth because of her careers as a model and TV show star. In 2006 she became well known all around the world when she won the 7th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model”. The prize given to the winner was a contract signed with CoverGirl Cosmetics, which was stated to be worth 100 thousand dollars. Also, she got an opportunity to get signed to Elite Models. Another part of the prize was appearing on a six-page fashion editorial and cover for Seventeen magazine.
CariDee English became the first naturally blond model to win “American’s Next Top Model” competition. Also, she became the second winner of the show who comes from North Dakota. Appearances on this show made her name well known internationally and also added up to the total estimate of CariDee English net worth.
CariDee English has also started her career as a TV presenter, when she was chosen to work as such on the show called “Pretty Wicked” on Oxygen. Thus, this career has also added up to the total amount of CariDee English net worth.

The model was born in 1984 in Fargo, North Dakota. Before she got accepted to “America’s Next Top Model”, CariDee English was working as a photographer. CariDee English also appeared as an actress on some occasions as she belonged to the 4th Option. The group performed in Minnesota on a weekly basis.
In 2001, CariDee English was already modeling when she got signed to the Academie Agencie in her hometown. In 2002, the model participated in the Millie Lewis Actors Models and Talent Competition. She was sent with Mega Models to Miami, Florida. CariDee English was noticed in modeling industry because of her looks, which to many people resemble those of Karolina Kurkova and Rebecca Romijn. CariDee English has also appeared in the show called “One Tree Hill”, which came as a present to a winner.
CariDee English has appeared in many magazines, too, such as Seventeen, Social Life, Psoriasis Advance and Healthy Living. CariDee English has also appeared as a runaway model, and she modeled for companies such as Jordi Scott, J. C. Penney, Renee Larc, Carlos Campos and some others. Thus, all of this mentioned work has increased the overall size of CariDee English net worth.

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caridee english net worth caridee english net worth

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