Carl Icahn net worth

Carl Icahn net worth

Net Worth: $20.3 Billion

About Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn net worth

Carl Icahn is one of the wealthiest people in the world. It has been announced that the overall amount of Carl Icahn net worth reaches 20.3 billion dollars. He has accumulated this huge sum mainly because of his successful and profitable involvement into business. In addition to being a businessman, he is also an investor, which has added huge sums of money to Carl Icahn net worth, as well. He is also known as having most of the shares of his company called Icahn Enterprises. This company is known as a holding one, which specifies in diverse activities.

He was born in 1936 and grew up in New York City. His father aspired to be an opera singer, but ended up with teaching kids. His mother was also working as a teacher. In 1957, Carl Icahn graduated from the Princeton University, where he was studying philosophy and where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Later, he was accepted to the New York University’s School of Medicine. However, after several years of studying there, Carl Icahn quitted attending it in order to join the US Army.

In 1961 Carl Icahn began his career as a stockbroker, which was on Wall Street.

In 1968, Carl Icahn started his own business, when he established his firm called Icahn and Co. The firm focused on options trading and risk arbitrage securities. In 1978, Carl Icahn started his successful career in independent companies, where he got quite high positions. Such high positions were in companies, including Texaco, Western Union, Viacom, American Can and many more, and these positions also increased the total estimate of Carl Icahn net worth by a mile.

In 1985, Carl Icahn took over TWA, which raised a lot of controversy. Because of it, Carl Icahn was named the corporate raider. He acquired TWA and started to sell its assets. The aim of that was that he could be able to repay the debt which he accumulated for buying the company. Eventually, he got a profit of 469 million dollars out of this technique. However, the company itself was left with a huge debt of 540 million dollars. The company was eventually sold for American Airlines, which acquired TWA for 445 million dollars.

In 2007, Carl Icahn started to get position at huge firms, such as American Railcar Industries and Phillip Services and these positions also have added a lot to the overall sum of Carl Icahn net worth.

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