Carl Lewis net worth

Carl Lewis net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis net worth

Carl Lewis is a well known man in sports industry. He is known as a track and field sportsman and this source has been the main one in accumulating Carl Lewis net worth, which has been reported to reach 20 million dollars. In addition to his involvement into sports, he is also known as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

As a track and fielder, Carl Lewis has been the winner of 10 Olympic medals. What is even more striking is that 9 out of those 10 have been gold medals. Also, he is known as the winner of 10 World Championship medals. Out of those 10 medals, 8 were gold. With such huge winnings, a lot of prize money came too, which increased the overall sum of Carl Lewis net worth. In 1979, he became a professional in sports field and it became his main source of fame as well as financial situation.

After he retired from this sport, Carl Lewis got involved into acting industry, where he appeared in a lot of movies, which also increased the overall amount of Carl Lewis net worth. Moreover, Carl Lewis is known to be vegan and he states that he was inspired to be so after his best achievements in 1991.

Talking more about him as a sportsman, Carl Lewis is also known as a long jumper and sprinter. In the years between 1982-1984, Carl Lewis was named the Athlete of the Year, according to the Track and Field News. Also, being a long jumper and sprinter, Carl Lewis has set various records. Other titles, which he has got because of his involvement into sports, have been Olympian of the Century given to him by the magazine “Sports Illustrated” and Sportsman of the Century, which was the title given to him by the International Olympic Committee.

Carl Lewis is also credited with being the sportsman who made track and field a popular sport, where the athletes could get involved into a longer career than before, as Carl Lewis made this sport more professional than amateur. Also, track and field became a huge source of Carl Lewis net worth.

In addition to his involvement into sports and acting, Carl Lewis is also known as a businessman. He has established his own production firm called “C.L.E.G.”. The company is aimed at marketing products and services, including Carl Lewis own product lines. Therefore, being a businessman also has played a huge part in accumulating his net worth.

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