Carlos Mencia net worth

Carlos Mencia net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia net worth

Carlos Mencia is an actor, comedian and writer and these involvements have been vital when it comes to accumulating Carlos Mencia net worth, which has been claimed to currently reach a sum of 15 million dollars. Thus it makes him one of so many multi-millionaires in the industry. As a comedian, his themes usually involve some political issues, as well as criminal injustice, race, social status and culture related discussions.

Carlos Mencia is probably mostly known from his show called “Mind of Mencia”, which is broadcasted on the Comedy Central network. This show has also played an important role when accumulating the overall sum of Carlos Mencia net worth.

Carlos Mencia was born in 1967 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. His family was very huge and he was the seventeenth born children in his family out of eighteen kids. He was raised in California not by his parents, but by his aunt and uncle. When he was in school, it was very easy for him to get into troubles, thus with the help from his aunt and uncle, Carlos Mencia managed to stay away from troubles and getting involved with various gangs and he proved to be one of the best students of his class.

He studied at California State University, where he majored in electrical engineering. However, he left the university in order to focus on his career as a comedian, which has brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Carlos Mencia net worth.

He began his career, when he appeared on the Laugh Factory and realized that he could really make the audience laugh. When he got his own show on the Comedy Central network, that being “Mind of Mencia”, one of his brothers also joined in and he could often be seen on the show, Joseph Mencia.

Soon, Carlos Mencia became a famous hit on the stages in Los Angeles, such as The LA Cabaret and The Comedy Store. These appearances led to exposures on TV shows, such as “The Arsenio Hall Show” as well as “Buscando Estrellas”. In the latter show, Carlos Mencia was named the International Comedy Grand Champion. Thus, it is obvious that being a comedian increased his fame a lot and also added up to the overall sum of Carlos Mencia net worth. In 1994, Carlos Mencia began hosting a Latin show called “Loco Slam” broadcasted on the HBO network.

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