Carlos Slim net worth

Carlos Slim net worth

Net Worth: $73 Billion

About Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim net worth

Carlos Slim Helu is an investor, business magnate and philanthropist from Mexico. He is currently holding some of the biggest and most profitable companies in the country and has vast interests in retailing, technology, communications and finance. At the moment, he is a CEO and chairman of telecommunication companies America Movil and Telemax. Carlos Slim net worth is currently estimated at $73 billion, making him the wealthiest person on earth. Forbes has been ranking him on the top of the richest list since 2010. According to the latest estimates, most of Carlos’ fortune comes from his telecommunication company America Movil, which accounts for some 75% of Carlos Slim net worth.

Although Carlos was born in Mexico City, both of his parents originated from Lebanon. His father, born Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz, was sent away from Lebanon by his own parents in order to save him from being taken to the Ottoman army. This was not uncommon practice in an early 20th century: when Khalil came to Mexico, four of his older brothers were already waiting for him. His mother’s family, also immigrants, founded the first Arabic magazine in Mexico.

Years before Carlos was born, his father started investing in building Mexico City’s commercial district and by the time he started attending the school Slims’ family was filthy rich. Carlos’ father tried to prepare his sons for taking over his business empire and was teaching them the basics of business since the day they learned how to add. Slim made his first investment in Mexican Bank at the age of 12. Of course, this purchase did not significantly boost Carlos Slim net worth, but it helped him understand the general concept of investment.

While studying civil engineering at the University of Mexico, he simultaneously started teaching linear programming and algebra and went on to work as a trader. Soon using his father’s capital Helu started an individual business, ranging from retail and manufacturing to restaurants and construction. When Carlos was 26 years old, his assets were already worth some $40 million dollars. At this age he married Soumaya Domit Gemayel. The two remained married and deeply in love right until Soumaya’s death in 1999.

Carlos Slim net worth shot to the stars in the early 1980s. Around this period Mexican economy was going through a serious crisis due to the fall in oil prices and the interest rates in the country were booming. Carlos saw this opportunity and used it to buy real estate. He also made some investments in transatlantic companies. When the economy started recovering his fortune began to grow at the speed of light. Carlos became the world’s second richest man in 2007, when his net worth reached $53 million and surpassed the fortune of Warren Buffet.

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carlos slim net worth carlos slim net worth

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