Carmelo Anthony net worth

Carmelo Anthony net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony net worth

Carmelo Kyam Anthony, for the basketball fans known as Melo, is an American National Basketball Association player, currently appearing on the field with New York Knicks. Carmelo’s amazing career in basketball started when he was still in high school. Right after graduation he was drafted by Nuggets, where he stayed until 2011. During his years on NBA Melo earned numerous accolades, including NBA All-Star award six times, All NBA Third-Team four times and NBA All-Rookie First Team. Carmelo Anthony net worth is currently estimated at $60 million.

Carmelo was born in Brooklyn in 1984. His father, who was of Puerto Rican decent, died after the long struggle with cancer when Melo was still a toddler and the boy left alone with his African American Mother. When Melo was eight they moved to Baltimore, where his mother hoped to find a better job. The district was extremely dangerous and while growing up Carmelo saw more blood, guns and fates distorted by drugs than most people see through their lives. In order to distract himself from the horror in the streets Melo concentrated on sports.

Playing basketball in his teenage years not only helped him develop the skills that eventually boosted Carmelo Anthony net worth by millions of dollars, it also saved him from going down the road of drug abuse.

When Melo was 15, he grew 5 inches in one summer and suddenly became the best player not only in the Towson Catholic High School, but in the whole area. In 2001 he was named Baltimore catholic League and Baltimore Sun’s player of the year. By the time Anthony was finishing his junior year, coaches from all over the East Cost were already lining up hoping to recruit him for the fallowing season and everyone knew it is just a matter of time before Carmelo Anthony net worth shoots to the stars. Eventually he decided to transfer to Virginia, Oak Hill Academy, which had one of the strongest basketball teams in the United States. Unlike most of the temporary professional players, Melo made his mind about choosing the university before he even graduated from high school.

He announced his plans to attend Syracuse University, although his academic achievements at the time did not allow him to dream about such prospects. For the surprise of non-believers Melo made to the SU. During one season with Orangeman he led this team to the victory in NCAA tournament for the first time. After this achievement he decided there is no reason to stay any longer, as he already accomplished his main goal- won Division I Basketball Championship. Right after Melo fled from Syracuse, he was drafted by Nuggets. As his talent developed Carmelo Anthony net worth and salary grew accordingly. His current annual salary amounts to $18.5 million.

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