Carmen Electra net worth

Carmen Electra net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra net worth

Carmen Electra is one of the most popular models in the industry. It has been estimated that Carmen Electra net worth reaches 15 million dollars. Carmen Electra, whose real birth name is Tara Leigh Patrick, is not only a model. She is also a TV personality, actress, model and singer, which also add revenues to the overall amount of Carmen Electra net worth.

She became popular, when she appeared on the cover of the Playboy magazine. Moreover, she appeared in quite a lot of TV shows, such as “Singled Out” broadcasted on the MTV channel and TV series “Baywatch”. These appearances also added up to the overall amount of Carmen Electra net worth. Also, she used to dance together with the popular girl band called “The Pussycat Dolls”.

Also, Carmen Electra appeared in many films, where she proved that she had also a talent to act. These movies included “Date Movie”, “Epic Movie”, “Scary Movie”, “Disaster Movie” and “Meet the Spartans”.

Carmen Electra was born in Ohio, the United States, where her mother was known as a singer and her father was a guitarist and entertainer.

She was the youngest in her family, with having five more siblings: one sister and four brothers. When she was attending elementary school, she was already attending dancing classes. In one of her interviews, Carmen Electra stated that she wanted to become a dancer on Broadway at that time. Later, dancing became a major part of her life and also added extra money to the overall estimate of Carmen Electra net worth.

In 1990, she became a professional dancer. The first show in which she appeared as a dancer was at “It’s Magic”, which was showed at the Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio. The show was the most popular show in the history of this park.

In 1991, Carmen Electra moved to California, where she saw that she had more opportunities to get involved into the entertainment business. The first job there was becoming a singer. She was signed to the record company of Paisley Park Records, however, her career as a singer lasted for a very short amount of time. Also, this was the time when she got her stage name of Carmen Electra.

In 1995, she became an actress in television. Also, she appeared in a film which was based on the TV series of “Baywatch”, which was called “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding”.

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