Carnie Wilson net worth

Carnie Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $24 Million

About Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson net worth

It has been announced that the total sum of the current Carnie Wilson net worth reaches 24 million dollars, as of right now. Carnie Wilson is known as a singer, but she is also known as a host of TV shows. These two sources have been the main ones when it comes to accumulating the overall amount of Carnie Wilson net worth. Carnie Wilson, as a singer, is mostly known from the band called “Wilson Phillips”, which has made her name popular and because of which she became so rich.

Carnie Wilson is also known for her family relations, as she is a daughter of Brian Wilson, who was the member of the band “The Beach Boys”. Her mother is his first wife, Marilyn Rovell.
Carnie Wilson started her band “Wilson Phillips” together with her sister and one friend from childhood. At that time, all three members were teenagers. The band managed to release two successful albums, titled “Shadows and Light” and “Wilson Phillips”. More than 12 million copies of the albums have been sold and such sales have also increased the total amount of Carnie Wilson net worth. Three singles of the band landed in the top spot in charts.

The group stopped performing together in 1993 but it made Carnie Wilson a well known person in music industry, which has also added up revenues to the overall size of Carnie Wilson net worth.

However, after the band broke up, Carnie Wilson continued her career into music industry, as she and her sister recorded a Christmas album in 1993 which was called “Hey Santa”. In 1997, the sisters were joined by their father Brian Wilson to record an album called “The Wilsons”. In 1997, Carnie Wilson worked on the soundtrack for the animation called “Cat’s Don’t Dance”, and she sang a song called “Our Time Has Come” together with James Ingram. In 2003, Carnie Wilson decided to start her career as a solo singer and at that time she released her solo album called “For the First Time”.

In 2004, “Wilson Phillips” came back to music industry. A third album of the band was soon released which was called “California”. The album was released under Sony Music. Mostly, the album included cover songs, which were popular in the 1960s as well as 1970s. In 2006, the singer decided to release an album of lullabies, which was called “A Mother’s Gift: Lullabies from the Heart”.

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