Carol Burnett net worth

Carol Burnett net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett net worth

Carol Burnett is a well known comedian and actress and it has been stated that she has been commercially successful in these careers, since the total sum of Carol Burnett net worth currently reaches 25 million dollars. In addition to those two careers, she is also known as a writer and a singer and these two involvements also have added up to the total amount of Carol Burnett net worth.

Carol Burnett is mostly known from her TV show called “The Carol Burnett Show”, which was aired on the CBS network. In addition to that, she has also appeared in a lot of movies and TV productions in many genres, starting from comedy and ending with more dramatic roles.

Carol Burnett was growing in a care of alcoholic parents, thus, her childhood was very hard. However, when she started attending college, Carol Burnett realized that she was really good at acting and her talent to act was soon discovered. In 1959, she had a huge success in Broadway, when she appeared in production called “Once Upon a Mattress”. For her appearance in it, she was even nominated to get a Tony award. Soon, she was chosen to appear on TV, which was on the show called “The Garry Moore Show”.

There, she stayed for three years. Thus, her appearances on TV also began to increase the overall sum of Carol Burnett net worth. In 1962, Carol Burnett became a winner of her first Emmy award.

Carol Burnett soon moved to Los Angeles, where she got an opportunity to be a host of her own show, “The Carol Burnett Show”. The show was broadcasted from 1967 to 1978. The show was famous due to the fact that it combined comedy sketches with a lot of songs and dancing. In addition, Carol Burnett was known as a creator of a lot of characters of this show.

As a separate actress as well as a cast member of the show, Carol Burnett became a winner of many Emmy awards and Golden Globe awards. Thus, the show increased the total estimate of Carol Burnett net worth a lot.

At the same time when she was filming for the show, Carol Burnett was also appearing in movies and TV productions. The movies that made her even more popular are “Horton Hears a Who”, “Noises Off”, “The Four Seasons”, “Annie” and “Pete n Tillie”.

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