Caroline Kennedy net worth

Caroline Kennedy net worth

Net Worth: $278 Million

About Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy net worth

There have been a lot of debates and rumors about Caroline Kennedy net worth. Some sources have announced that her net worth is as high as 500 million dollars. However, some other sources have stated that it reaches 278 million dollars. In addition, other sources have stated that it is much lower and reaches only 250 million dollars. Thus, there is no agreed information about what the actual sum of Caroline Kennedy net worth is.

Caroline Kennedy is probably most well known as a member of a popular Kennedy family. However, a huge part of her net worth has been accumulated on her own efforts. She is known as an author, attorney as well as an Ambassador to Japan. Caroline Kennedy is also known as the only child of the former president of the United States John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, who is still alive.

When her father was appointed to be the president of the United States, Caroline Kennedy was still a young girl. When her father was assassinated in 1963, Caroline Kennedy and her family moved to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she also was going to school.

After graduation, Caroline Kennedy became a student at Radcliffe College. After she graduated from it, Caroline Kennedy got a job at Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York City. It was also this place where she met her husband Edwin Schlossberg, who is an exhibit designer.

Later, Caroline Kennedy expanded her education with studying at Columbia Law School. Caroline Kennedy got soon involved into law, politics and education and these sources have added a lot of revenues to Caroline Kennedy net worth. In addition to that, she is known for doing quite a lot of charitable work. Moreover, Caroline Kennedy has been a spokesperson about issues regarding her family and also has written a couple of books about civil liberties and rights, which she has written with Ellen Alderman.

In 1991, the duo’s first book appeared, which was called “In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights of Action”. Thus, her career as a writer started successfully and it started to add huge sums of money to the overall amount of Caroline Kennedy net worth, as well. The writers stated that the book’s aim was to show to the nation why the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution was needed. Also, she is known as a member of boards of various non-profit organizations.

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