Carrot Top net worth

Carrot Top net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Carrot Top

Carrot Top net worth

Carrot Top, real name Scott Thompson, is a popular American comedian. He is easy to recognize by his curly red hair. The most characteristic features of Carrot’s performances are his self-deprecating jokes and prop comedy. This comedy genre makes use of various conventional objects, prepared in advance or handed to the comedian by audience (thus it is called “prop”- this abbreviation stands for “property”). Although this comedy genre is used by the vast number of comedians, including Tommy Cooper, Harpo Marx, Rip Taylor, Paul Zaloom and many others, Top is widely considered to be one of the greatest prop comics. As for 2013, Carrot Top net worth is estimated at $75 million.
Scott was born in Florida, in 1983. He attended Cocoa High School and went on to continue his studies at Florida Atlantic University. It was during his freshman year in college that Carrot appeared in his first stand-up comedy show. Although this performance did not add a single dollar to Carrot Top net worth, this experience changed his life forever. That evening Thompson realized what it actually feels like to stand in the spotlight, to do what you like most, what you’re really good at, and to be appreciated for it.

Following this, Top decided to take comedy as a full-time job and to pursue professional career in this field.
For many years Carrot appeared as a stand-up comedian in various clubs and theatres. In 1994 these performances garnered him an American Comedy Award for the Funniest male Stand-Up comic. The same year Scott was offered a job as a continuity announcer on Cartoon Network. Even more importantly, that year he started producing and acting in his own program, Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem. Although the show was canceled after a couple of years, it made a significant contribution to Carrot Top net worth and marked the beginning of his national career.
Scott’s career on television took off in the late 1990s, when he appeared in comedy movies Chairman of the Board and Dannis the Menace Strikes Again. In this later movie Carrot portrayed one of the con men, who tricked Mr. Wilson, Dennis neighbor. During the early 2000s Carrot appeared in a number of TV series portraying fictitious versions of himself. He featured on Scrubs, Weakest Link, Pauly Shore is Dead, The Aristocrats and George Lopez. In 2006 Carrot has dubbed one of the characters in hit animated comedy series Family Guy. Two years later he appeared on reality television show The Girls of the Playboy Mansion, also known as The Girls Next Door. Most recently, in 2013, Scott featured on show Tosh.0. Although these and other television appearances are not the main source of Carrot Top net worth, they made his face known all over the world.

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