Casey Affleck net worth

Casey Affleck net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of the current Casey Affleck net worth today reaches as much as 10 million dollars and it is expected to increase the future, as well. He has earned his success as being an actor as well as director. Casey Affleck is known for many supporting roles which he has portrayed in various Hollywood movies, which have also added up to the total sum of Casey Affleck net worth. Casey Affleck became extremely popular because of his appearance in “The Assassination of Jesse James”. This movie not only increased Casey Affleck net worth, but it also got him a nomination of Oscar award.

Casey Affleck was born in 1975 in Massachusetts. He is also known for his family relations, as his brother is also a well known name in acting industry, Ben Affleck. When the two were growing up, they were good friends with Matt Damon, who today is also known as a popular actor. The three attended school together, as well.
In addition to Casey Affleck’s careers as a director and actor, he is also known as a screenwriter and producer, which are also important sources of today’s Casey Affleck net worth.

In 1995 he became a more well known actor when he appeared in “To Die For”. Two years later, he was chosen for a role in “Good Will Hunting”. In 2002, Casey Affleck starred in “Gerry”. In the period of 2001-2007 Casey Affleck appeared in the movies of “Ocean’s”.

In 2007, Casey Affleck became even more popular, thanks to his appearance in “Gone Baby Gone”. The movie was directed by his brother Ben Affleck. In the same year, Casey Affleck managed to appear in one more movie, as it has been stated already, “The Assassination of Jesse James”. Both of these movies increased Casey Affleck’s fame and financial status. For the latter movie, Casey Affleck was even nominated for an Academy Award.

In 2010, Casey Affleck debuted as a director, when he created a mockumentary called “I’M Still Here”. In 2013, he appeared in two more movies for which he was even more recognized, the movies being “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and “Out of the Furnace”. Both of these movies also resulted into the increase in Casey Affleck net worth. Thus, his career in cinema has made Casey Affleck’s name well known in Hollywood industry and he has become a well known actor for international audiences, as well.

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