Cassidy net worth

Cassidy net worth

Net Worth: $7.5 Million

About Cassidy

Cassidy net worth

Cassidy, real name Barry Adrian Reese, is famous hip-hop artist from the United States. He gained significance after signing a contract with Full Surface and releasing a hit “Hotel”. This single recorded with R. Kelly climbed to the top ten of Billboard Hot 100. His debut album, entitled Split Personality, reached the stores in 2004 and sold enough copies to receive a Gold certification. Cassidy net worth is currently estimated at $7.5 million.

In spring of 2005 Barry released the leading single from his forthcoming album “I’m A Hustler”. This song was recorded using the beat sample that originally belongs to Jay-Z and produced by a talented artist known as Swizz Beatz. The hit spurred many remixes; some of them featured guest stars like Mary J. Blinge and Joe Budden. The album itself was released in July of the same year. Not to mention the leading single, it featured such hits like “B-Boy Stance”, “Can’t Fade Me “(featuring Nas and Queen), “So Long” (featuring Mashonda and Raekwon) and “6 Minutes”, (featuring Lil Wayne and Fabulous). The album was commercially successful, hit Billboard 200 at No.

5 and sold over 90 thousand copies during the first week after its release. The sales from this album added a solid sum to Cassidy net worth.

No matter how fast Cassidy net worth was growing, his problems grew faster. In 2005 the rapper became involved in a conflict in West Oak Lane, which led to Cassidy and his friends shooting at three unarmed man. One of them, Desmond Hawkins, was shot in the back and died on the scene. His friends also experienced serious injuries and were treated in the local hospital. It took a couple of months before the police found out about Cassidy’s presence in the conflict and issued an arrest warrant. The rapper did not wait until the police knocks on his door and surrendered to the on June 17.

His advocate expected that Cassidy net worth will help him get out of the prison, at least until the court makes its final decision, but the rapper was denied bail and sent to medium-security prison instead. It took more than half a year before the judges made their final statement. Cassidy was pleaded guilty for weapon offences, aggressive assault and most importantly- involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to spend from one to two years in jail, depending on his behavior. The rapper walked out of prison in spring 2006.

The rappers troubles did not end with his jail sentence. The luxurious sports car, which cost a good bulk of Cassidy net worth, soon proved to be a bad investment: in October his SUV collided with a commercial truck. During the accident Cassidy’s skull was fractured and several other bones were smashed.

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cassidy net worth cassidy net worth cassidy net worth

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