Catherine Tate net worth

Catherine Tate net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate net worth

Catherine Tate is a popular actress. In addition, she is a comedian and writer. All of these involvements have added up a lot of revenues to the total size of Catherine Tate net worth, which has been estimated to reach 8 million dollars, as of right now. Catherine Tate had her own comedy sketch show called “The Catherine Tate Show”, which became a winner of quite a few awards. Moreover, she has become a nominee for seven BAFTA Awards and one International Emmy Award.
Because of her successful show, the actress was chosen to portray the role of Donna Noble in the Christmas special of “Doctor Who”, which aired in 2006. In 2008, she reprised this role. In 2011, she became even more known when she played the part of Nellie Bertram in the American version of “The Office”. At first, her role was a recurring one but later was changed to a regular role. Thus, these appearances have increased the overall sum of Catherine Tate net worth, as well.
The actress was born in Bloomsbury in 1968. Her mother was a florist. In fact, Catherine Tate has stated that one character on her show “The Catherine Tate Show” was based on her mother.

She has never known her father as he left the family when she was still little. When she was a teenager, Catherine Tate decided that she wanted to become an actress. On her fourth attempt, Catherine Tate was accepted to study at the Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London). She was studying there for three years. Also, before she enrolled to study there, Catherine Tate attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where she stayed for one week only.
Catherine Tate started to appear on TV shows when she was chosen for roles in such productions as “London’s Burning” and “The Bill”. In 1996, she became a stand-up comedian and this career has also increased the total amount of Catherine Tate net worth. Because of her experience as a comedian, Catherine Tate appeared on such comedy shows as “Barking”, “That Peter Kay Thing” and “The Harry Hill Show”. She was chosen for a role in the TV show called “Men Behaving Badly”, as well. In 1998, she was appearing in “Barking”. Moreover, she worked as its writer. Other TV shows, in which she appeared at around the same time, were called “Attention Scum”, “Big Train” and “TVGoHome”. Catherine Tate was chosen to appear as Angela in the comedy called “Wild West”, where one of her co-stars was Dawn French.
She is a stage actress, as well. Catherine Tate appeared on stage with the National Theater and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2000, she appeared as Smeraldina in the stage production of “A Servant to Two Masters”. Also, she played a role in the production of the National Theater, called “The Way of the World”. Thus, all of these productions have made her name more recognized and added up to the current amount of Catherine Tate net worth.

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