Cee Lo Green net worth

Cee Lo Green net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green net worth

Cee Lo Green, real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, is an American singer, record producer, rapper and songwriter. He gained prominence with southern hip-hop band Goodie Mob, but soon left this group to form a duo Gnarls Barkley. Cee rose to international fame in 2006, when his single “Crazy” appeared on the radio charts. This hit was followed by the soul album St. Elsewhere, which topped UK Album Charts and climbed to the 4th position on US Billboard 200. In 2010 Green decided to take a temporary break form Gnarls Barkley and started recoding his solo album. His first solo album The Lady Killer reached the stores in 2010 and was ranked within top 5 Albums in both United Kingdom and America. Cee Lo Green net worth is currently estimated at $20 million.

Thomas was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family of two ordained ministers. He graduated from Riverside Military Academy and went on to attend boarding school in Gainesville. The boy’s talent for music was obvious, thus his mother took him to sing in the church choir. Sadly, both of his parents were dead before Cee Lo Green turned 19 and did not see their son becoming an international star.

Thomas can’t even remember his father, who passed away when the boy was two. When he was 16, Cee Lo’s mother got involved in a tragic car accident after which she remained paralyzed until her death two years later. By the time his mother passed away Cee Lo Green net worth was just starting to grow and the teenager was barely able to support himself.

His mother’s death has pushed Thomas into a deep depression, but he managed to turn his pain into some of his most beautiful songs. His emotions during this period are reflected in the lyrics of the song “Just a Thought”: “It’s even dark at the daytime, it’s not just good, its Great Depression”, “An I tried everything but suicide, but it crossed my mind”. He also talks about his beloved mother in a song “She Knows”: “Up, up and away she goes. Now I know that I know she goes”. His recovery is recorded in a song “I Feel Better”, in the lines “I feel better, and if even a little, but better”. This later song became one of his greatest hits and added a solid sum to Cee Lo Green Net worth.

Thomas career took off in mid 2000s, when he started working with Danger Mouse. Their first collaborative album St. Elsewhere was released in 2006. It included such hits like “Crazy”, “Gone Daddy Gone”, “Smiley Faces” and “Who Cares?”. The album received positive critical evaluations and garnered Grammy Award for the Best Alternative Music Album. St. Elsewhere was also nominated as Album of the Year, the lead single “Crazy” received nomination as Record of the Year. The sales from this album are responsible for a good bulk of the current Cee Lo Green net worth.

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