Chad Hurley net worth

Chad Hurley net worth

Net Worth: $335 Million

About Chad Hurley

Chad Hurley net worth

Chad Hurley is a very well known internet entrepreneur. It has been estimated that the overall size of today’s Chad Hurley net worth reaches 335 million dollars. Chad Hurley became known when he co-founded the most popular video sharing website called Youtube, where his initial position was that of CEO. In addition to that, he later teamed up with one of the co-founders of Youtube, Steve Chen, in creation of another company called MixBit. Thus, these two companies have played a huge role when it comes to increasing Chad Hurley net worth.

In 2006, Chad Hurley’s name landed in the 28th position of the list created by Business 2.0, called “50 People who Matter Now”. In 2006, it was announced that Youtube was sold to Google by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Google bought Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars.

Before he started working on Youtube, Chad Hurley was also working in PayPal and collaborated in making the logo of PayPal which is known today. Also, it was in his job in PayPal when Chad Hurley met two other people, with whom he created Youtube, those being the already mentioned Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

In the beginning of Youtube, Chad Hurley was responsible for video sharing and video tagging.

Chad Hurley was born in 1977 and he was raised in Pennsylvania. In his childhood, Chad Hurley was interested into arts, however, as he grew up, he got interested into computers and science more and more, till it became a part of his life and also started to add huge sums to Chad Hurley net worth.

After the selling of Youtube to Google, it was stated that Chad Hurley got a share worth more than 345 million dollars. In 2010, Chad Hurley also stopped working as a CEO of Youtube, and this position was taken over by Salar Kamangar. Nevertheless, serving in Youtube has increased Chad Hurley net worth a lot.

In 2013, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen got involved into another activity, that being the creation of MixBit, which is a video editing service using smartphones. Chad Hurley is also a successful investor. As such, he is probably mostly known as a major investor in Formula 1. However, the team in which he invested, US F1 Team, failed to make it to Formula 1. However, it has been known that Chad Hurley is still trying to invest into other teams currently racing for Formula 1.

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