Chad Rogers net worth

Chad Rogers net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Chad Rogers

Chad Rogers net worth

Born in 1977, Chad Rogers is one of the most well known names in real estate industry. It is the career which has added millions of dollars to the total sum of Chad Rogers net worth, which has been stated to currently reach an amount of 10 million dollars. Although he was born in Malibu, California, currently, Chad Rogers is known to be living in Beverly Hills, California.

In addition to his involvement into real estate, Chad Rogers is known as a TV star due to the fact that he has been appearing on several seasons of the show called “Million Dollar Listing”. This show is portrayed on the Bravo network and currently its name has changed to “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. The show also served as one of the most important sources when it comes to accumulating the overall amount of Chad Rogers net worth.

After finishing high school, Chad Rogers became a student at University of Denver, where he was studying Business and Finance. After graduation, he came back to the West Coast. During the time when he studied at university, Chad Rogers also became involved into real estate and got his license.

Chad Rogers success in real estate is always attributed to his motto, which he uses in his career, that being giving his clients what they want when they want.

Currently, Chad Rogers is known to be an employee of the brokerage company called Hilton and Hyland, which belongs to Rick Hilton and Jeffrey Hyland. This involvement also plays a huge part when it comes to accumulating the total estimate of Chad Rogers net worth. Chad Rogers’s name was also featured in the Forbes magazine as one of the richest real estate people.
In 2010, Chad Rogers also made a speech in a seminar related to real estate at The Learning Annex, which is based in New York. Moreover, he is known as an annual participant at “EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women”.

Chad Rogers proved to be a huge success in real estate industry and his clients, amongst many others, are known to be a lot of celebrities and businessmen. When he became an employee of the previously mentioned firm, Chad Rogers career as a realtor skyrocketed. In 2010, he set a record for himself, when he sold real estate worth more than 80 million dollars. Thus, such a huge success in this industry also increased the total sum of Chad Rogers net worth.

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