Charlaine Harris net worth

Charlaine Harris net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris net worth

Charlaine Harris is a popular and successful writer. Many of her books have become New York Times best-sellers. Thus, the sales of them have increased the total amount of Charlaine Harris net worth by a mile, which has been estimated to reach 10 million dollars, as of right now. She has been creating mystery books for more than 30 years already.
The author was born in 1951 in the Mississippi River Delta, where she also grew up. Currently, Charlaine Harris is living in Arkansas with her family – her husband and their three kids. In the beginning of her career, Charlaine Harris was writing mostly poems about ghosts. Later, her works were about teenage angst. When she was studying at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, Charlaine Harris began to create plays. Some time later, she started to write books. Most of her recent work focuses on urban fantasy.
The writer is probably mostly recognized for the series of “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”, sales of which have also added up to the total estimate of Charlaine Harris net worth. HBO adopted these series to its hit show called “True Blood”.

Talking more about her beginnings in writing books, Charlaine Harris started the well known “Aurora Teagarden” series when she published “Real Murders”. In 1990, this book was nominated for the Best Novel title at the Agatha Awards. She wrote a couple of other books included in these book series but in the middle of the 1990s, Charlaine Harris began to write other publications. She did not continue writing these series and resumed it only in 1999. However, she wrote one short story included in it called “Murder, They Wrote”.
In 1996, Charlaine Harris started another book series called “Shakespeare”, which were about a cleaning lady, who is also a detective, Lily Bard. In 2001, Charlaine Harris published the fifth book in these series called “Shakespeare’s Counselor”. Thus, these book series made her name even more known and also added up to the total size of Charlaine Harris net worth. In 2001, Charlaine Harris published a short story called “Dead Giveaway”, which was printed in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.
Then, Charlaine Harris started another book series called “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”. These series were about a telepathic waitress working in a bar in Louisiana, named Sookie Stackhouse. The first book published in these series was called “Dead Until Dark”. In 2001, this book won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery. In each book of these series, Sookie Stackhouse tries to solve mysteries related to various supernatural creatures, such as werewolves and vampires.
“The Southern Vampire Mysteries” have been released in a lot of countries all around the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Poland, Argentina, Great Britain, Mexico and Lithuania, just to mention a few. The sales of these series have also added up quite a lot of revenues to the total sum of Charlaine Harris net worth, which today makes her one of the richest contemporary writers in the world.

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