Charles Saatchi net worth

Charles Saatchi net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Charles Saatchi

Charles Saatchi net worth

Charles Saatchi is a well known businessman in the world. He is also one of the millionaires of them, since the overall estimate of Charles Saatchi net worth has been stated to be as high as 100 million dollars. Charles Saatchi is mostly known as a businessman together with his brother Maurice who has been an important partner of Charles Saatchi in his career as a businessperson. Charles Saatchi is one of the owners of the advertising company called Saatchi and Saatchi. The company is also known as one of the most important sources of Charles Saatchi net worth. In the 1980s, the company was probably the most successful advertising agency in the world.

In 1995, the brothers left the business. However, it did not stop them from their involvement into business and in the same year they started a new company called M&C Saatchi. This company has also played a huge part when it comes to increasing the total estimate of Charles Saatchi net worth.

In addition to his being a businessman, Charles Saatchi is also well known for his other involvements, such as being an avid art collector. He is also known as an owner of his art gallery, called Saatchi Gallery. Charles Saatchi is also known as a supporter of Young British Awards. Amongst them, he is mostly known for his artists, such as Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst.

Charles Saatchi was born in 1943 in Iraq. There, he was born in a quite wealthy and prominent family of four kids and he was the second of them. In addition to Maurice, Charles Saatchi has two more brothers – Philip and David. In 1947, the family moved to London due to Jewish persecution. The family was living in a huge house of eight bedrooms in Highgate.

Living in the northern part of London, Charles Saatchi was a student at a grammar school there. It was this time when Charles Saatchi got interested into pop culture of America and got interested into music. His favorite artists were Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. He was also an avid collector of many different things, such as comic books and cigarette cards.

In 1970, he got involved into business when he teamed up with his brother Maurice and the duo created their own advertising agency, which was titled Saatchi and Saatchi. The company also was the first one, which added first huge sums of money to Charles Saatchi net worth.

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