Chelsea Clinton net worth

Chelsea Clinton net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton net worth

Chelsea Clinton is a well known name in politics. It has been announced that the current sum of Chelsea Clinton net worth reaches as high as 15 million dollars. She is mostly known for her family relations. Chelsea Clinton is the only child of the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. It is also believed that a huge part of Chelsea Clinton net worth is comprised of her parents’ wealth.

However, she has established her name also through her own efforts. Currently, Chelsea Clinton is known as a correspondent of the NBC News. In addition, she is working in a close cooperation with Clinton Global Initiative as well as the Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980 in Arkansas. In fact, she was born when her father was in the first term as a Governor. She was also a student at a public school. However, when her father was elected to be the President of the United States, Chelsea Clinton moved to Washington, D.C., with her family. There, she was also transferred to the private school called Sidwell Friends School.

After high school, Chelsea Clinton was studying at a couple of colleges and universities, such as Stanford University, Mailman school of public health and University College in Oxford. Currently, she is also known to be a student at Oxford University, where she is studying to get her doctoral degree.

Talking about her work experience, she has been working in quite a lot of firms, such as Avenue Capital Group, McKinsey and Company and New York University. These job positions also added up to the overall amount of Chelsea Clinton net worth.

Moreover, she is also a member of a couple of boards, belonging to the Clinton Foundation, Common Sense Media, Clinton Global Initiative, School of American Ballet and Weill Cornell Medical College.

In 2011, she got a job which she has today, which is working as a correspondent for the NBC News, which is one of the major sources of Chelsea Clinton net worth today. She worked on reporting stories for the Rock Center with Brian Williams as well as NBC Nightly News. She took this job because at the same time she was able to work in the Clinton Foundation as well as to continue her studies at university. In 2011, she also made her first appearance on this channel when she reported about the Rock Center.

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