Chelsea Handler net worth

Chelsea Handler net worth

Net Worth: $25 Million

About Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler net worth

Chelsea Handler is an American actress, comedian, talk show host, producer and author. She is best known for hosting her personal talk show on E! entitled Chelsea Lately. The show was first aired on 2007 and remains extremely popular to this day. Chelsea Handler net worth is currently estimated at $25 million, giving her a place in Forbes Celebrity and Power Woman 100 lists.

Chelsea was born in New Jersey, in a family of Mormon mother and Jewish father. She was raised in a spirit of Jewish religion. Chelsea was the oldest among six children. In her talk-show Handler has revealed a lot of personal details about her early life. For example she once recalled that as a child she felt quite poor and was jealous for her neighbour’s fortunes. Handler’s family lived in a Jewish district were everyone seemed to be driving smart cars, thus the girl was embarrassed to go to the school in a Pinto. It’s quite ironic that today Chelsea Handler net worth is evoking jealousy of her neighbours. Chelsea has also revealed that she had an abortion when she was 16 year old. She decided that her professional mission is to be an actress at the age of 19 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue this career.

Two years later Handler changed her mind and realised that her true talent lies in making other people laugh.

As a comedian Chelsea has appeared on numerous TV series and shows, including Girls Behaving Badly, Weekends at the D.L., The Practice, The Bernie Mac Show, My Kids, Premium Blend and Aspen Comedy festival. In spring 2007 Chelsea started hosting a TV reality show. She quit this job right after the first episode was aired, because she did not feel fit for the role and had an intuition that her staying on the show might eventually lead to a disaster.

Judging from the current Chelsea Handler net worth, that time she has clearly underrated her own abilities. Her comedy program Chelsea Lately was first aired in July of the same year and became an instant hit. To this day her talk-show attracts television audience of 0.5 million (on average) and some of the records of Chelsea Lately on have more than one million views. The show is popular despite the fact that most guests on the show are little known. According to Handler herself, the more miserable they are the funnier the show gets.

During the 100th episode of the show Chelsea has accidentally mentioned that the Entertainment Television network has already offered her to extend the contract for 150 more episodes. According to the new terms the show will be aired until 2014 at least and there is a good possibility that it will be extended even further. It looks like Chelsea Handler net worth growth is not going to slow down any time soon.

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chelsea handler net worth chelsea handler net worth

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