Cher net worth

Cher net worth

Net Worth: $305 Million

About Cher

Cher net worth

Cherilyn Sarkisian, better known as Cher, is an American singer often called Goddess of Pop and one of the most significant popular culture icons. She is credited for bringing a sense of female self-actualization and autonomy into the music industry and her multiple talents. For more than five decades she amazed the public with her contralto voice, dancing skills and talent for acting. All this time she managed to remain interesting for both media and general audience by constantly reinventing her image and music. Cher net worth is currently estimated at $305 million, making her one of wealthiest women in entertainment industry.

She rose to prominence in the mid 1960, singing duo with her husband as Sony & Cher, and subsequently released successful solo hits “Gypsies, tramps & Thieves”, “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”, “Dark Lady” and “Half-Breed”. These singles sold millions of copies and boosted Cher net worth to the considerable heights. Phil Marder has credited Cher with promoting an image of female rock star, setting the standard for attitude, performance and appearance.

With her unusual, daring and extravagant outfits Cher also became a fashion trendsetter.

In the fallowing decade Cher and her husband gained prominence as TV personalities, hosting the shows The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour and Cher. Both programs were extremely popular in the United States and added yet another million to Cher net worth. The famous family failed for divorce in mid 1970s. Following her break up with Sonny, Cher started experimenting with her music style, adding new wave and disco elements to her usual sound.

In the following decade Cherilyn ventured into the movie industry and appeared in the film Silkwood. This role garnered Cher Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. During the next few years she appeared in The Witches of Eastwick, Mask and Moonstruck. For this later movie Cher received an Academy Award for Best Actress. By the end of decade Cher released her Platinum album Heart of Stone, establishing herself as a successful rock and roll singer. The most prominent singles included in this album were “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “I Found Someone”.

After conquering the music industry and winning an Oscar as an actress Cher decided to try her hand at directing the movies. Her film If These Walls Could Talk was nominated for three Golden Globes, three Emmy’s and NAACP Image Award, but failed to win in any of the categories. As every other project of Cher, it was financially successful and added a solid sum to Cher net worth. As for today, Cher is continuing her career in movies. In 2010 she appeared in the musical Burlesque, portraying a night club impresario. The song Cher recorded for the Burlesque’s soundtrack garnered a Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Song.

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cher net worth cher net worth

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