Cheri Oteri plastic surgery

Cheri Oteri plastic surgery

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Cheri Oteri plastic surgery

Recently people started speculating about possible Cheri Oteri plastic surgery. The main reason for this probably is the fact that she is now in her 40s and she somehow manages to look the same, not showing any signs of aging. Cheri Oteri is mostly known as as a comedian who is probably mostly remembered for her hilarious celebrity impersonations in “Saturday Night Live”. She has also appeared in several movies such as “Liar Liar”, “Inspector Gadget”, “Scary Movie” and “Southland Tales”.

Rumors about possible Cheri Oteri plastic surgery started just recently, when she has reached that age where her face should show some signs of aging. Also, there seems to have been some minor changes in actress’s appearance which can be seen looking at photo comparisons. It is speculated that she might have had a blepharoplasty, face lift, eye lift, rhinoplasty, chin implant and Botox injections.

This is a long list, but none of these surgeries have been confirmed and the only possible proof is photo comparisons. It is possible that she really did have a rhinopolasty procedure – her nose does appear to be thinner when compared to how it looked before.

The rumors about chin implant surgery might be true too – now actress’s chin looks more pronounced while previously her face looked rounder. Rumors about the face lift procedure started because Cheri Oteri’s face has a tight appearance which is often considered a proof of this procedure.

However, none of the rumors about Cheri Oteri plastic surgery have been confirmed. It is interesting that actress hasn’t either confirmed nor denied these rumors – people are free to create all kinds of rumors and speculations. Either way, actress’s face doesn’t look very natural for her age and there’s a big possibility that she did have at least a little plastic surgery like face lift and Botox injections which are now very popular amongst celebrities. Nowadays we can hear a lot of stories about plastic surgeries that went wrong but Cheri Oteri plastic surgery certainly isn’t one of those, at least for now.

All in all, it appears that at least some of the rumors about Cheri Oteri plastic surgery are true. Even though she hasn’t confirmed nor denied any of them, photo comparisons show enough evidence to know where’s the truth. While Cheri Oteri looks great for her age, we can see that her face doesn’t look completely natural. Who knows how she will look in a few years if she continues to surgically alter her appearance. In this case, only time will tell.

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