Cheryl Cole net worth

Cheryl Cole net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole net worth

It has been stated that Cheryl Cole net worth reaches 30 million dollars. Cheryl Cole is known as one of the biggest stars in the United Kingdom. She is also one of the richest of them. She has accumulated her net worth through her career as a singer, song writer, dancer as well as TV personality. All these involvements have added millions of dollars to the overall estimate of Cheryl Cole net worth.

In 2002, Cheryl Cole appeared in an audition for a TV show called “Popstars: The Rivals”, which was broadcasted on the ITV channel. After her audition, Cheryl Cole became a star in her country. After her audition, Cheryl Cole was selected to be one of the members of a girl band called “Girls Aloud”. She stayed in a band for quite a long time and with the band, she released 10 singles which reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom as well as 4 Number 1 singles.

Also, the band released six albums, which all reached Platinum certification. Between the years 2005-2010, “Girls Aloud” was nominated to get 5 BRIT awards. In 2009, the band’s song called “The Promise” was titled as the Best Song.

In the beginning of the year 2013, the band released an announcement that they are going to split. Nevertheless, during the time when she was part of the band, Cheryl Cole earned a lot of money, which increased Cheryl Cole net worth, a lot.

Soon, Cheryl Cole started her career as a solo singer. In fact, her debut album was released in 2009, which was called “3 Words”. Also, a lot of people believe that she became even more successful when she started her career as a solo singer than when she was actually in a band of “Girls Aloud”. Her solo career also has increased the total estimate of Cheryl Cole net worth a lot. The album produced three singles, one of which was “Fight For This Love”. The song became extremely popular in the United Kingdom and it was even recognized as the Song of the Year. Other two singles were called “3 Words” and “Parachute”. Both of them landed in the Top 5 in the charts of the United Kingdom.

In 2010, Cheryl Cole’s second album was released, which was called “Messy Little Raindrops”. It produced a single called “Promise This”, which also proved to be a success. It landed in the first place of the charts.

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