Chris Daughtry net worth

Chris Daughtry net worth

Net Worth: $8.5 Million

About Chris Daughtry

Chris Daughtry net worth

Chris Daughtry is a well known musician in the United States. It has been stated that the overall amount of Chris Daughtry net worth today reaches a high sum of 8.5 million dollars. He is mostly known from the band called “Daughtry”, where he is serving as the leading singer as well as a rhythm guitarist. In addition to that, Chris Daughtry has gained a lot of national attention when he appeared on the music show called “American Idol” in its 5th season. Thus, music has been the main source of Chris Daughtry net worth.

When he was eliminated from the show, his career in music did not end. Immediately, he was signed to the RCA Records label, which began to promote the singer. Chris Daughtry also soon formed the band called “Daughtry” in which he belongs today and which is one of the main sources of his fame as well as his financial status.

The band soon released an album called “Daughtry”, sales of which increased Chris Daughtry net worth by a mile. During first five weeks of the sales of the album, more than 1 million copies of their debut album were sold. What is even more interesting is that this album was recorded long before the band “Daughtry” was officially introduced to the public.

However, the composition of the band has changed over years and Chris Daughtry is known as an original member of the band, who is still performing in it. In the ninth week of the release of the album, it reached Billboard charts and placed in the 1st position. Thus, the band soon became one of the most well known bands in the United States. Thus, Chris Daughtry’s belonging to the band has added a lot to his success and it also added up to the overall amount of Chris Daughtry net worth. Today, Chris Daughtry is placed third when talking about the most successful contestants of the show “American Idol”. The two who have bigger record sales are known to be Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

In addition to working on his own band’s albums, Chris Daughtry has also collaborated with many other singers and musicians, such as Theory of a Deadman, Slash, Brad Arnold, Carlos Santana and many more. Chris Daughtry is mostly credited for having an amazing vocal range, which impresses all people around the world. Thus, if he keeps his career as a musician for the upcoming years, it is expected that his net worth as well as fame will increase even more.

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