Chris Farley net worth

Chris Farley net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Chris Farley

Chris Farley net worth

It has been reported that the total amount of Chris Farley net worth is as high as 5 million dollars. Chris Farley has become popular because of his career as a comedian and actor. He was born in Madison in 1964. He has Irish American origins. However, in 1997 the actor passed away in an accident.

Chris Farley was mostly known as a comedian who had an energetic style of comedy performances. Chris Farley started his career as a comedian during weekends, when he was living in Madison and where he appeared as a stand-up comic at the Ark Improv Theatre. Later, he was admitted to appear at the Chicago’s Improv Olympic Theatre. In the 1980s, Chris Farley started performing at the Chicago’s Second City Theatre. Appearing in these theatres gained a lot of experience for him as a comedian and actor, as well.

When he was young, his main idol was John Belushi and he wanted to become like him. He aspired to become a comedian and actor and with this dream he went to New York City, where he approached the makers of “Saturday Night Live”. In the season of 1990-1991 he started to appear on this show, which made him a huge star in comedy circuit and also added up to the total size of Chris Farley net worth.

In this show, he stared for five years overall.

Chris Farley has also appeared in some films, such as “Coneheads”, “Tommy Boy”, “Wayne’s World” and “Billy Madison”. These films have also increased the overall amount of Chris Farley net worth. In the movie called “Tommy Boy”, Chris Farley appeared with his cast mate from “Saturday Night Live”, David Spade. In 1996, the duo appeared in one more film, called “Blacksheep”. Thus, his popularity grew and grew year by year and he became one of the most respected comedians in the industry. Thus, comedy has also added up a lot to the total sum of Chris Farley net worth.

In 1997, Chris Farley became famous for another production called “Beverly Hills Ninja”. There, actors such as Chris Rock appeared. The movie became a huge commercial success and it also made Chris Farley’s name more popular. He was also quite known for his weight which gave him a lot of problems. At one time, his weight reached 300 pounds. Later in his career, he got addicted to drugs and alcohol which damaged his work in the comedy circuit.

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