Chris Hansen net worth

Chris Hansen net worth

Net Worth: $2.5 Million

About Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen net worth

Chris Hansen is a well known American TV journalist, which is one of the main sources, if not the main one, when it comes to accumulating Chris Hansen net worth which today reaches 2.5 million dollars. The work for which he is mostly credited is for the show called Dateline NBC. In this show, he is hosting the segment of it called “To Catch a Predator”, which also has added a lot of financial success to the total amount of Chris Hansen net worth. His shown is known on focusing on catching Internet sex predators while using a sting operation.

When he was a student at Michigan State University, Chris Hansen got his first job as a broadcaster for the WILX in 1981. Since that time, he has been working as a reporter for radio as well as TV shows. In 1993, Chris Hansen started working for NBC News. His first job there was being a correspondent. He worked for the magazine of news called “Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric”. However, in 2013, he stopped working for it. Nevertheless, this involvement also has added a lot to the overall estimate of Chris Hansen net worth.

Talking about his involvement in the Dateline, Chris Hansen is mostly known for his stories focused on the Columbine massacre, the Unabomber, the disaster of the TWA Flight 800 and the Oklahoma City terrorist attack.

Moreover, he was also a reporter of stories related to Indian child labor as well as prescription drug sales in China. Furthermore, Chris Hansen also worked as a reporter for stories related to 9/11 attacks and other terrorists jobs, as well as covering stories related to the organization of Al-Qaeda. Since his stories got a lot of popularity, it also added up to the fame of him and also increased the overall estimate of Chris Hansen net worth.

However, today he is mostly known for the segment called “To Catch a Predator”. The segment is known to be collaborating with the website Perverted-Justice. In this show, people from this website are volunteering to chat with strangers online pretending that they are teenagers and then agree to meet them for having sex. Their meetings happen in houses full of NBC filming equipment, which is usually well hidden and waiting for the person arriving to arrest him for trying to abuse a teenager. The segment proved to be a real success and as a result it has also increased the total sum of Chris Hansen net worth.

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