Chris Hughes net worth

Chris Hughes net worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

About Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes net worth

Chris Hughes is an American businessman, co-founder and a former spokesman for online social network Facebook. He developed his business together with fellow Harvard students Dustin Moskovitz, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Severin. By the year 2007 the website was evaluated at $12 billion, placing its founders among the wealthiest young man in America. In 2012 Chris purchased The New Republic, a liberal magazine which covers politics and arts. He is currently working as an editor-in-chief for the magazine and manages a few side projects. As for 2013, Chris Hughes net worth is estimated at $450 million.

Chris was born in North Carolina, the only child in a family of Ray and Brenda Hughes. He attended Phillips Academy and later enrolled at Harvard University. In 2006 Hughes graduated magna cum laude, holding a BA degree in literature and history. Chris Hughes net worth started to grow in the mid 2000s, when he and five fellow Harvard students co-founded an online social networking website Facebook. Among his colleagues on this project was Mark Zuckerberg, internet entrepreneur and computer programmer, currently serving as a CEO for Facebook, Inc.

Although the five students started their business as (more or less) equals, Chris Hughes net worth is significantly inferior to Mark’s fortune: his capital and assets are evaluated at $13.3 billion.

Facebook was initially available for Harvard students only, serving as a platform for the newcomers to meet each other and get to know the senior students. It was not long before Chris and his colleagues realized that their website could become an inexhaustible source of fortune and gradually expanded the site’s availability. First Facebook was opened for the students of various other universities, later to high school students and subsequently for everyone, aged over the 13 year old. As for today, anyone can have and account on facebook. If you look it up, you can find a number of accounts created by parents for their toddlers, by pet owners for their dogs, etc. Almost ten years after its creation, Facebook works on pretty much the same principals as it used to. In order to reach the website, a user must create his personal profile, than he’s free to exchange messages, share photos and profile updates.

Facebook is not the only source of Chris Hughes net worth. For example, in 2008 Chris was responsible for organizing online campaign for Democrat presidential candidate and the incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama. Following the success of this electoral campaign Hughes was famously named “The Kid Who Made Obama President”. What about his personal life? Since the late 2000s Chris was dating Sean Eldridge, an American political activist and investor, best known for his work with organization Freedom to Marry.

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