Chris Kirkpatrick net worth

Chris Kirkpatrick net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris Kirkpatrick net worth

It has been announced that the overall estimate of Chris Kirkpatrick net worth reaches as high as 22 million dollars, which he has earned through his successful career as an entertainer. Chris Kirkpatrick is known as a singer, voice actor, dancer and entertainer. As a singer, Chris Kirkpatrick is mostly known from the band called “N’Sync”. This band proved to be as one of the most successful bands in the history of music, which has also added up to the total sum of Chris Kirkpatrick net worth. In 2008, Chris Kirkpatrick competed on a TV reality show called “Gone Country”. However, unfortunately, he did not win this show. Nevertheless, he still got quite positive reviews for his appearance there.

Chris Kirkpatrick was born in Pennsylvania in 1971. To the public, he is mostly known as a founder of a popular boy band called “N’Sync”. Since his childhood, Chris Kirkpatrick enjoyed singing and during his studying years, he got interested into music more and more.

When he joined the previously mentioned band, “N’Sync”, it was stated that it was due to his voice exactly, that made the band so popular in the industry.

Therefore, there is no doubt that this band has also added up a lot of financial success to Chris Kirkpatrick net worth. However, in 2002, the band stopped performing and releasing albums.

As a result, Chris Kirkpatrick turned to another career and aspired to become a voice actor. As such, he has voiced characters on some television productions. One of such shows has been “The Fairly OddParents”, where he was chosen to voice a character named Chip Skylark. Thus, this career has also added up to the overall amount of Chris Kirkpatrick net worth.

Chris Kirkpatrick later appeared on another show called “Gone Country”. A part of the show included composing and singing an original song. Although he did not win the competition, Chris Kirkpatrick got a lot of positive reviews for his performance there. On this show, he created a song called “That’ll Get Ya By”. The judges of the show have even stated that this show could have been a huge hit on country music charts.

In 2013, Chris Kirkpatrick reunited with the rest of the members of “N’Sync”. The band performed during the MTV VMAS. Therefore, his music career has added a lot to his overall fame as well as recognition from the public and music critics.

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