Chris Lighty net worth

Chris Lighty net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Chris Lighty

Chris Lighty net worth

Chris Lighty was known to be as one of the best music executives. At the time of his death, Chris Lighty net worth was claimed to reach 30 million dollars. Chris Lighty real name was Darrell Steven Lighty, however, in the music industry, he used to go by his nickname of Chris Lighty. He was mostly known as a founder of the company called “Violator”, which was regarded to be one of the most successful record label companies. It focused on managing artists such as Mobb Deep, Missy Elliot, 50 Cent, LL Cool J, amongst many others. The record label also added a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Chris Lighty net worth.

Chris Lighty was also known as the manager of the popular hip hop artist Sean Combs aka. Diddy. According to the New York Times, Chris Lighty was considered one of the most powerful people in the music industry.

The star was born in New York and grew up in Bronx River Housing Projects. He grew up in very dangerous neighborhoods and later said that although he did not attend any colleges, he got his “M.B.A. in hell”, which is a reference to his childhood spent in dangerous New York neighborhoods.

His start in the music industry was when he started to carry vinyl record crates. He was hired by the company called “Rush Management” and Russell Simmons was known to be in charge of it. In the early 90s, Chris Lighty established his own record label company called “Violator”. The company began to add huge sums of money to Chris Lighty net worth. The company was called “Violator” because when growing up Chris Lighty belonged to the gang called like that. In 1997, Chris Lighty’s one of the many responsibilities was to get LL Cool J in the TV commercial for the company Gap. In addition, other artists, which he managed also got to appear in various TV commercials, such as Busta Rhymes for Mountain Dew and A Tribe Called Quest for Sprite.

The year 2004 was very important to Chris Lighty because in that year he brokered the largest endorsement deal in the history of hip hop business. It was 50 Cent’s Vitamin Water pact. Three years later, Coca-Cola bought it with paying 4.1 billion dollars. Out of this sum, 50 Cent got 100 million dollars. Thus, making successful deals was another important source of Chris Lighty net worth.

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