Chris Noth net worth

Chris Noth net worth

Net Worth: $15.5 Million

About Chris Noth

Chris Noth net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Chris Noth net worth is 15.5 million dollars, as of today. To the public, Chris Noth is mostly known as an actor. He is mostly known from two TV shows, those being “Law and Order” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. In these shows, Chris Noth appeared as Detective Mike Logan. The shows also added up a lot of revenues to the overall sum of Chris Noth net worth.

In addition to his appearance in the mentioned shows, Chris Noth is also known for his appearance in “Sex and the City”, where he was chosen for a role of Big. For his role in this show, he even became a nominee of a Golden Globe Award. One of his most recent appearances has been in the TV show called “The Good Wife”. As well, for his role in this show, he was once again nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Thus, his involvement into TV shows has been recognized.

Chris Noth was born in Wisconsin in 1954. Chris Noth grew up with two brothers. His mother was also a well known woman, as s

He was working as a reporter for the CBS channel. Unfortunately, his father passed away when Chris Noth was just a child. He was working as an insurance salesman. When growing up, Chris Noth travelled a lot with his mother and brothers. The family visited Spain, the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, amongst other countries.

Chris Noth was a student at Yale School of Drama. There, Chris Noth also appeared in quite a few plays. In the beginning of his career as an actor, he had small roles in movies, such as “Baby Boom” and “Smithereens”. In the sixth season of the TV show called “Hill Street Blues”, Chris Noth was chosen to appear in it. Furthermore, he was also chosen to star in the soap opera called “Another World”. These roles also added up to the total size of Chris Noth net worth.

In addition to his career in acting, his personal life is also quite well known. Chris Noth has a fiancé named Tara Lynn Wilson. The couple has one kid together. They are also known to be the owners of a restaurant established in Ontario, which is called “Once Upon a Tea Cup”. Thus, being a businessman is another important source of Chris Noth net worth.

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