Chris Nunez net worth

Chris Nunez net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Chris Nunez

Chris Nunez net worth

It has been announced that the total sum of Chris Nunez net worth reaches 5 million dollars, according to recent estimations. Chris Nunez made his name popular through his career as a tattoo artist. In addition to this involvement, he is also known as an owner of a clothing line called “DeVille USA”. He started this business in 2005 and since that time, this career has also been one of the main sources of Chris Nunez net worth.

Talking about his career as a tattoo artist, Chris Nunez is an owner of his tattoo parlor in Miami, which he operates with Ami James. In addition to being a tattoo artist and clothing line owner, Chris Nunez is also known from TV screens, where he has been mainly appearing on various reality TV shows. When he was only 16 years old, Chris Nunez got his first tattoo. The first tattoo which he got was his parents’ names. When he was 21 years old, he traveled to Europe, learning the art of making tattoos from his idols. Chris Nunez, thus, today is known as a tattoo artist and he owns his own parlor called HandCrafted and Art Gallery.

As a tattoo artist, he has also appeared on a reality TV show called “Miami Ink”, which was airing on TLC.

This show has also added up revenues to the overall amount of Chris Nunez net worth. This show is comprised of six seasons. Today, he is known from another show about tattoos, which portrays tattoo artists getting into various challenges and on this show Chris Nunez appears as a judge. Therefore, his appearances on TV are also important when it comes to accumulating the current size of Chris Nunez net worth. Another source is his many business ventures, for example, him being an owner of “Love Hate Lounge”, which is based in Miami.

Giving some background information about Chris Nunez, he is of Cuban origin. He was born in Miami in 1973. He was a student at Chaminade Madonna Prep School, which is based in Florida. Moreover, he has also been living in Ecuador, Brazil and some other countries in South America. Chris Nunez can speak fluently in English, Spanish and Portuguese. When he has free time, Chris Nunez likes to go partying. Thus, he likes to spend time with his friends. Chris Nunez initially wanted to become a graffiti artist, however, he soon switched to tattoos.

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