Chris Paul net worth

Chris Paul net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Chris Paul

Chris Paul net worth

It has been claimed that the current sum of Chris Paul net worth reaches as much as 45 million dollars. He has accumulated such net worth through his involvement into basketball. Currently, he is playing in the NBA’s team of Los Angeles Clippers, which is regarded as the main source of Chris Paul net worth today. Moreover, it has been stated that his annual earning reach 18.7 million dollars. It has also been known that he earns additional 4 million dollars as his salary. However, some sources have stated that his annual earnings reach a little less, that being 16.3 million dollars.

Chris Paul grew up in North Carolina, where he was also born. In high school, Chris Paul played only two varsity seasons, however, it did not prevent him to becoming one of the most successful stars in the NBA industry. In addition, he even managed to get a scholarship from Wake Forest University, which he also accepted.

In 2005, Chris Paul participated in the NBA Draft and he was chosen as the 4th overall pick by the New Orleans Hornets. One year later, he got the award of the Rookie of the Year. Talking more about his awards, he has acknowledged quite a lot of times and received some prestigious titles.

Chris Paul was awarded with the All-Star title seven times, All-Star Game Most Valuable Player, All-Defensive Team honoree and All-NBA star a lot of times. Therefore, with so many awards, Chris Paul net worth also increased by a mile. Chris Paul was also the one who in the NBA Playoffs of 2008 led his team of that time, Hornets, to the second round. As a part of the United States National basketball team, Chris Paul has won a couple of Gold medals.

In addition to his involvement into basketball, Chris Paul is also known to be interested into bowling. Chris Paul has competed in a couple of celebrity bowling tournaments, too. In 2013, Chris Paul received probably the most prestigious title he has ever got, which was the president of the National Basketball Players Association. Therefore, it is obvious that besides his interest into bowling, basketball is the one, which has added biggest sums of money to Chris Paul net worth. Before he started playing in the team in which he is playing right now, Los Angeles Clippers, he has played in a couple of others, such as New Orleans Hornets.

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