Chris Squire net worth

Chris Squire net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Chris Squire

Chris Squire net worth

It has been claimed that the total size of Chris Squire net worth currently is as high as 10 million dollars. He was a musician, singer and songwriter. Chris Squire was born in 1948 and passed away in 2015. Chris Squire made his name well known when he created a progressive rock group called Yes, where he also served as the bassist. Chris Squire is the only original member of the band, who appeared in all 21 albums of the group, in the period of 1969-2014. Thus, his work with the group also increased the overall sum of Chris Squire net worth.
Chris Squire grew up in London, where he was interested in music at a young age. He belonged to his church choir and school choir. When he was 16 years old, he learnt how to play bass guitar. In 1968, his name became even more known when he created a group called Yes. For the next 47 years, Chris Squire stayed with the band and was the only bassist. He was also regarded as one of the most prominent bassists in the English progressive rock scene. In 2015, the sad news was announced. He was diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia and died in the same year.

In addition to his work with the band, Chris Squire performed as a solo act. In 1975, he released a solo album called “Fish Out of Water”. In 2007, another solo effort was released, called “Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir”, which was a holiday album. The sales of his solo albums have also increased the overall amount of Chris Squire net worth.
The musician was born in 1948 in Kingsbury. His mother worked as a secretary in the real estate business, whereas his father was a cab driver. When he was a little boy, he got interested in church music. Chris Squire never thought that music would become a huge part of his life until he heard the Beatles. At that time, he was 16 years old and soon learnt how to play the bass guitar. In 1964, because of having long hair, Chris Squire was suspended from school and was given some money to go to have a haircut. However, he did not show up at school anymore. Chris Squire was hired to work as a guitar salesman at a Boosey & Hawkes shop, where he used his staff card to buy a bass guitar.
In addition to his work with the previously mentioned group Yes, Chris Squire was involved in some other projects, which also added up to the overall estimate of Chris Squire net worth. In 1981, he performed with the group called XYZ. He appeared on two songs with this group, called “Can You Imagine?” and “Mind Drive”. He also had a side project called Conspiracy, where he was joined by the guitarist from Yes, Billy Sherwood. In 2000, Conspiracy released their first self-titled album. Three years later, a second album of the project was released, called “The Unknown”.

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