Chris Wallace net worth

Chris Wallace net worth

Net Worth: $6 Million

About Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace net worth

Chris Wallace is a popular TV personality. This career has added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Chris Wallace net worth, which has been claimed to reach 6 million dollars. He is mostly known today as a host of the show called “Fox News Sunday”, which airs on the Fox Broadcasting Company/Fox News Channel. His involvement in TV has also been awarded and recognized as he is a recipient of the Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton Award and three Emmy Awards.
In 2003, he was hired to work for Fox News. Before that, Chris Wallace was working as a moderator for “Meet the Press” and this involvement has also increased the overall amount of Chris Wallace net worth. With working on the mentioned programs, Chris Wallace became the only TV person who has worked as a host or moderator of more than one of the major Sunday morning political talk shows.
Chris Wallace was born in 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. He was born in a well known family as his father is a long-time reporter on the TV show called “60 Minutes” on CBS. Therefore, Chris Wallace decided to follow in his footsteps.

He was raised in a Jewish household. When he was only 1 years old, his parents separated. However, he started to maintain a more close relationship with his father only when he became 14 years old. One of his first jobs was working as an assistant to Walter Cronkite at the 1964 Republican National Convention. Chris Wallace was educated at The Hotchkiss School and later continued his studies at Harvard College.
When he was studying there, Chris Wallace first got a job as a reporter when he was hired to work for a student radio station called WHRB. After that, Chris Wallace was accepted to study at Yale Law School, but instead, he decided to work for “The Boston Globe”. In 1975, he was hired to work for NBC. There, he worked for 14 years and during such a long time, a huge part of the overall size of Chris Wallace net worth has been accumulated.
He became a political reporter for NBC News. In 1982, he became a host of the show called “Today”. In the period of 1982-1989, Chris Wallace was a chief correspondent for the White House news. In the period of 1987-1988, he served as a moderator of “Meet the Press”. He became even more known when he got a hosting position on the show called “NBC Nightly News”. Thus, all of these involvements have also increased the overall sum of Chris Wallace net worth.
In 1989, he stopped working for NBC because he got another job offer – to join ABC. He became a member of the ABC News staff. On some occasions, he was working as a host of “Nightline”. He also was the senior correspondent for “Primetime Thursday”. In 2013, he left ABC in order to accept a position at the Fox News Channel, where he is still working today.

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