Chris Webby net worth

Chris Webby net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Chris Webby

Chris Webby net worth

Chris Webby is one of the well known rappers from the United States. Therefore, rapping is regarded as the main source of Chris Webby net worth, which has been reported to currently reach 500 thousand dollars. When he was growing up, he was influenced by a couple of well known rappers, such as Eminem and Dr. Dre, to get involved into rapping industry. When he started his professional rapping career, Chris Webby was mostly known by his stage name of Vindictive.

During a very short amount of time, Chris Webby managed to release 6 mixtapes, which were able to download from the website In 2009, Chris Webby released his first mixtape, which was called “The White Noise”. The mixtape was a success and it also increased the total amount of Chris Webby net worth.

Soon, his second mixtape was released, which was titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper”. The second album was released only after less than half a year after the release of his first mixtape. Thus, it seemed like Chris Webby did not think about slowing down his rapping career at all. In 2010, two more mixtapes of his were released, called “Optimus Rhyme” and “The Underclassmen”.

Moreover, when the time for Christmas came, Chris Webby also did not want to slow down his career and got involved into it even more than usual. A few days before Christmas, another mixtape of Chris Webby was released, which was called “Best in the Burbs”. The mixtape also added up to the total estimate of Chris Webby net worth. In the summer of 2011, his sixth mixtape was released, titled “Webster’s Laboratory”.

Most of his mixtapes could be bought via internet on websites, like the previous mentioned Soon, he started posting videos on Youtube and became a bigger star, too. Thus, this also helped him to get more fans and his name got to be well known. Today, Chris Webby is known to be performing in all states of America.

Moreover, Chris Webby is also known to have a huge fan base, which is established at Hofstra University, where he also was a student. One of the most interesting things about the rapper is that he is not signed to any record label and many labels are trying to get him on their list. However, Chris Webby seems like he can do well on his own, and it can also be proven by Chris Webby net worth.

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