Christian Bale net worth

Christian Bale net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Christian Bale

Christian Bale net worth

Christian Bale, full name Christian Charles Philip Bale, is a British actor. He received commercial success and mainstream recognition after his appearance in Batman Begins, where Christian played a main character Bruce Wayne. After this breakthrough Bale acted in several more Hollywood hits, including The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises. Christian Bale net worth is currently estimated at $60 million.

Christian was born in Wales, in a family of Jenny and David Charles Howard Bale. In a way both of his parents were connected to entertainment business: his mother used to perform in a circus and his father was a talent manager, as well as the pilot and entrepreneur. Of course, neither of them earned the fortune even remotely similar to Christian Bale net worth. Forced to travel along with his restless parents the boy spent his childhood not only in England, but also in the United States and Portugal. Christian first appeared on the screens when he was 8 year old. That time he was acting in a commercial for Lenor fabric softener. A year later, in 1983 he appeared on Pac-Man cereal ad playing a little rock star.

The following year Christian debuted on the stage, on a two-act comedy written by Larry Shue. The play was entitled The Nerd and featured another would-be movie star, Rowan Atkinson.

Christian’s film career started in 1986, when he got the role in Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. Right after this debut Christian received offers to take leading roles in movies Heart of the Country and Mio in a Land of Faraway. In 1997 Bale appeared on the Empire of the Sun, a film based on Ballard’s semi-biographical novel of the same name. This role earned Christian the highest critical evaluations and an award for the Best Performance of a Juvenile Actor. Although the success of this movie worked for the benefit of Christian Bale net worth, it had a negative effect on his personal life. The boy received an enormous amount of attention from both the media and his peers, which made his daily life quite complicated.

Christian secured a reputation of a talented adult actor with the movie American Psycho. Before the filming actually started Christian spent months in a sport clubs and tanning beaches, trying to assume the similitude to his character based on its description in the novel. It is safe to say that Christian’s efforts did not go to waste. The movie became a huge commercial and critical success. In 2004 Bale auditioned for the Batman role. He has done it twice before, but failed both times. This time Christian succeeded. The movie appeared on the cinemas in 2005 and became a real triumph for the casting members. It grossed a total of $370 million, nearly 3 times more than it cost. A good bulk of this sum went straight to Christian Bale net worth.

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christian bale net worth christian bale net worth christian bale net worth

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