Christie Brinkley plastic surgery

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery

About Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley plastic surgery

Celebrities whose career directly depends on their looks – actors and models are the ones who get most rumors regarding their plastic surgery. We can still hear a lot of rumors about possible Christie Brinkley plastic surgery even when is already in her 50s and not as popular as she once was. She is a popular model who had longest contract in history with Cover Girl. Some people might also recognize her as a wife of Billy Joel.

Most of the rumors about possible Christie Brinkley plastic surgery started not because people have noticed some changes in her appearance, but quite the opposite – it seems that she looks as youthful as she did and aging doesn’t affect her face at all. There were some speculations that she might be using Botox injections and that she might have had a face lift and blepharoplasty procedures done at some point of her life. During one interview Christie Brinkley stated that she doesn’t cross out the possibility of getting some kind of plastic surgery in the future. It has been a few years since she has said that and some people are wondering if she has already done it or not.

However, at least for now there is no confirmation to any of these rumors. In fact, Christie Brinkley’s face looks very natural and we can even see some wrinkles around her eyes and mimic lines around her mouth. If she would have had a face lift, her face would look much smoother and her skin would be tighter. As for the rumors about Botox injections, it is really hard to tell – it is possible that she did have a few injections, but her face looks natural and not too full. Maybe it is her good genes, healthy diet and regular exercising which help her maintain her youthful looks.

All things considered, it is still hard to tell if the rumors about Christie Brinkley plastic surgery are true. For now, there is not enough evidence to know anything for sure – her face looks natural and the only thing that causes suspicion is her unbelievably youthful appearance. One way or another, most of the people would agree that she is a stunningly beautiful woman and even if she did have a little plastic surgery, it has only made her look better and it certainly wasn’t a plastic surgery that went wrong.

Did Christie Brinkley Undergone Plastic Surgery

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