Christina Aguilera plastic surgery

Christina Aguilera plastic surgery

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Christina Aguilera plastic surgery

Having in mind how famous she has become, there’s nothing strange that people started speculating about possible Christina Aguilera plastic surgery. Probably everyone knows that she is a famous pop singer who has many fans all over the world. Now when she is in her 30s, the rumors about her possible plastic surgery procedures seem to have intensified even more.

From the beginning of her career, people were speculating about possible Christina Aguilera plastic surgery. The list of the procedures that she might have had at some point of her life includes rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Botox injections, lip augmentation and liposuction. It is quite obvious that Christina did have breast implants – at the beginning of her career her breasts suddenly became at least two sizes bigger. If we look at the photo comparisons, it becomes clear that singer’s nose shape has changed quite drastically – it has become thinner and the tip of her nose looks wider than it did before. Another plastic procedure that is very possible to have happened is lip augmentation – when we look at some photos of Christina Aguilera in her youth and compare them to more recent ones, we can see that her lips have become fuller.

There were also some speculations about possible liposuction procedure when she has managed to quickly get in shape after giving birth to her son. However, this hasn’t been confirmed and it is possible that these changes happened because of exercising and healthy diet. One way or another, most people would agree that Christina Aguilera looks absolutely amazing. Even if she did have plastic surgery, it has only made her look more beautiful and hasn’t at all ruined her appearance. Of course, there is always a risk that plastic surgery might go not as good as expected, but we can see that Christina Aguilera has been very lucky in this area, at least for now.

All in all, it seems that some of the rumors about Christina Aguilera plastic surgery are true. Photo comparisons show enough proof to see that there has definitely been some changes in her appearance which couldn’t have happened naturally. Either way, her experiences with plastic surgery have been successful and it only made her look even more beautiful and perfect. Of course, we should not forget all the stories about plastic surgeries that went wrong and there’s a big chance that the same thing might happen to Christina Aguilera if she will continue to surgically alter her looks.

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