Christine Cavanaugh net worth

Christine Cavanaugh net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh net worth

It has been claimed that the total amount of Christine Cavanaugh net worth currently is as high as 4 million dollars. Christine Cavanaugh was a voice actress, who was born in 1963 and died in 2014. She was known for having a distinctive speaking style. She voiced quite a lot of popular cartoon characters during her career. In 1995, she voiced the title role in the film called “Babe”. Also, she played the role of Gosalyn Mallard in the production called “Darkwing Duck”.
She was the original voice of Dexter in the Cartoon Network series called “Dexter’s Laboratory”. Also, Christine Cavanaugh was the original voice of another character, named Chuckie Finster, in the production called “Rugrats” on Nickelodeon. Thus, her work on all of these productions made her name recognized and also added up to the total size of Christine Cavanaugh net worth.
In 2001, she announced that she was retiring from her career as a voice actress. In 2014, she passed away, however, the reasons of her death were undisclosed.
The actress was born in 1963 in Layton, Utah. After high school, she was studying at Utah State University.

Then, she transferred to the University of Hawaii. It was at this university, where she became friends with Kevin Cavanaugh, who later became her husband. In 1985, they got married. Unfortunately, in the same year, the couple divorced.
In 1991, she got her official start as a voice actress in the production called “Darkwing Duck”, where she voiced the character named Gosalyn Mallard. In 1994, Christine Cavanaugh voiced the role of Oblina in the production called “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters”. Christine Cavanaugh appeared as Marty in the production called “The Critic”. She played various voices in many other animated productions, such as “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “Hercules: The Animated Series”, “Recess”, “101 Dalmatians: The Series”, “The Powerpuff Girls” and “The Wild Thornberrys”, all of which have also increased the overall estimate of Christine Cavanaugh net worth.
She was also appearing in McDonald’s commercials as the voice of Birdie. In the beginning of the 1990s, she was announcing ‘coming up next’ bits for The Disney Channel. In 1995, she became more recognized when she voiced the role of a pig named Babe in the film of the same name. Christine Cavanaugh was chosen to reprise her role in the sequel to this film, called “Babe: Pig in the City”, but she refused, and thus, the role was given to Elizabeth Daily, with who she was appearing on “Rugrats”.
In 1995, Christine Cavanaugh became the voice of Dexter from the animated series called “Dexter’s Laboratory”. For this role, she was awarded an Annie Award. She appeared as a guest on many other shows, including “Cheers”, “The X-Files”, “Salute Your Shorts”, “Wings”, “Empty Nest”, “ER” and “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Thus, all of these appearances made her more known and also added up to the total size of Christine Cavanaugh net worth. She appeared as a supporting actress in some movies, such as “Jerry Maguire” and “Soulmates”. In 2001, she retired from her career as an actress in order to spend more time with her family.

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