Christopher Boykin net worth

Christopher Boykin net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Christopher Boykin

Christopher Boykin net worth

It has been reported that the total sum of Christopher Boykin net worth is 3 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. Christopher Boykin is mostly known to the public from TV screens, however, he is also a bodyguard and musician. These three careers of him are very important when it comes to increasing the overall amount of Christopher Boykin net worth. A bigger part of his net worth has been earned because of his career as a TV show star and bodyguard.

Christopher Boykin was born in 1972 in Wiggins, Mississippi. Christopher Boykin became a huge star when he began to appear on the show on MTV called “Rob and Big”. In this show, a well known skateboarder Rob Dyrdek starred, as well. The duo met some time before that and Rob Dyrdek realized that Christopher Boykin could work as his bodyguard. Thus, in the period of 2006-2008, their relationship was portrayed on the show “Rob and Dyrdek”, which aired for three seasons and consisted of 31 episodes. Thus, this show apparently has also added up revenues to the total size of Christopher Boykin net worth.

In 2009, Christopher Boykin began to appear on another TV show, also starring Rob Dyrdek, the show being called “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”.

In 2014, it was stated that six seasons of this show were aired, which consisted of 59 episodes. The show is set in a place where Rob Dyrdek designs skateboards and also runs his empire of this sport.

Christopher Boykin is also known as a father to one kid. He has a daughter named Isis Rea Boykin, who came to the world in 2008. One year before that, Christopher Boykin started his career as a fashion designer, when he launched his first clothing line called “Big Black”. This is also an important source of Christopher Boykin net worth. In 2012, a branch of this clothing line was started which featured clothing for plus sized men, which was called BDP, which stands for ‘Big Dime Pieces’.

Thus, in addition to his well known career as a bodyguard and a TV show star, Christopher Boykin is also known for his starting career in fashion industry. Before he became such a well known man, Christopher Boykin was also serving in the United States Navy. Talking more about his first appearances with Rob Dyrdek, the duo appeared together in “The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD”.

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christopher boykin net worth christopher boykin net worth christopher boykin net worth

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