Christopher Meloni net worth

Christopher Meloni net worth

Net Worth: $28 Million

About Christopher Meloni

Christopher Meloni net worth

Christopher Meloni is a well known name in cinema. It has been announced that the current sum of Christopher Meloni net worth is 28 million dollars, which also makes him one of the richest actors. Christopher Meloni is mostly known from his career as a TV actor. The show, which has made him immensely popular, is known to be “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”, aired on the NBC channel. In this show, he is appearing as Detective Elliot Stabler. The show is also known to be the one, which has added a lot of financial success to him, this increasing the total estimate of Christopher Meloni net worth, as well. Moreover, he is also appearing on drama series called “Oz”, where he has been chosen for a role of Chris Keller.

In 2012, Christopher Meloni came back to the HBO network, where he began appearing on the show called “True Blood” as the vampire Roman. Moreover, Christopher Meloni has appeared in a production called “Man of Steel”, where he got a role of Nathan Hardy, US Air Force Colonel. Therefore, these appearances have added millions of dollars to the current estimate of Christopher Meloni net worth.

Christopher Meloni was born in 1961 in Washington D.C. He is the youngest in the family and he has a sister and a brother. His father was working as endocrinologist, whereas his mother was staying at home mother. When he was in high school, he played as a quarterback for his school’s team.

Moreover, he was a student at University of Colorado, where he played in the same position of the university’s team. Initially, there he was studying acting, but switched his focus to history and graduated in 1983. Nevertheless, acting has played a huge role in his life, eventually becoming the main source of Christopher Meloni net worth, as well.

When he graduated, he moved to New York in order to get more experience in acting and appeared on the Neighborhood Playhouse as well as the Center for the Media Arts. Before he became a well known actor, Christopher Meloni also worked in constructions. Furthermore, Christopher Meloni was also working as a bartender, bouncer and personal trainer in order to support himself financially. Initially in his acting career, Christopher Meloni was appearing only in TV commercials and TV series, which did not last long. Only later he began getting roles in films and popular TV series, which made him popular.

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christopher meloni net worth christopher meloni net worth christopher meloni net worth

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