Christopher Poole net worth

Christopher Poole net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Christopher Poole

Christopher Poole net worth

It has been announced that the current sum of Christopher Poole net worth reaches 5 million dollars, which he has accumulated because of his involvement into creating internet websites and this career made him a well known name in the internet business. He is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, internet entrepreneur from the New York City. Christopher Poole is mostly known as a creator of two websites, those being Canvas and 4chan and these two involvements added a lot of financial success to the total sum of Christopher Poole net worth.

Talking about the establishment of the website of 4chan, he started it without announcing his true identity and he would usually introduce himself as ‘moot’. In 2008, Christopher Poole’s establishment of this website was called as “the ground zero of Western world culture” by Leopoldo Godoy, who is known to be working in the Brazilian TV Globo network.

In 2009, it was stated that Christopher Poole was the most influential people of the previous year, 2008, and he got this title by internet voters who participated in an open poll which was organized by Time magazine.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that he established his name quite well in the internet business, which also increased the overall amount of Christopher Poole net worth. However, the results of the poll received quite a lot of controversy because it was though that the votes were influenced.

In 2009, Christopher Poole was interviewed by journalists in Austria, where he was asked why his website 4chain got a title of a “Meme factory”. Christopher Poole stated that this nickname was given to his website mainly due to the fact that the website has no memory and it has a system, which is anonymous.

The next year, Christopher Poole participated in a press conference in California, called TED2010. There, he discussed the issue about the personal information being revealed on websites, such as Twitter or Facebook. Moreover, he stated that it is more valuable to retain personal information and do not provide it on the websites, thus, he stressed the importance of anonymity on his website 4chain, which has become extremely popular and added a lot to the overall amount of Christopher Poole net worth. Later, there was some feedback given that his website 4chain challenges the traditions of other social websites because it does not need no personal information of its users.

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christopher poole net worth christopher poole net worth christopher poole net worth

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