Cindy Jackson plastic surgery

Cindy Jackson plastic surgery

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Cindy Jackson plastic surgery

Most of the times we hear about famous people who decide to get plastic surgery in order to make themselves even more beautiful, but this story is completely different. Cindy Jackson plastic surgery is what made this woman famous, not the other way around. She is known as a record holder for most number of plastic surgeries by a single person in “Guinness Book of Records”.

It is stated that during her life she has gotten 52 separate surgeries. The main reason why she has decided to get plastic surgery in the first place is that she was extremely unhappy with her looks – she was a public joke and target of bullying not only in her school but also in college. In 1988 she has finally decided to do something about it. Since then, she has had many different procedures: jaw surgery, chin bone reduction, cheek and lip implants, several face lifts, two rhinoplasty procedures, collagen and Radiesse injections and liposuction in various parts of her body.

Having in mind how long is the list of Cindy Jackson plastic surgery, some people might think that she is an example of plastic surgery that went wrong.

However, this is not the case – Cindy Jackson looks beautiful, the proportions of her face are perfect and there are no scars or other marks of surgery seen on her face. It seems that Cindy was very lucky – all the procedures went really well and they were clearly done by professional surgeons. Nowadays we can hear a lot of stories about celebrity plastic surgeries that went wrong, but Cindy Jackson plastic surgery certainly isn’t one of them. If we look at the photos of how she looked before and then after all the surgeries, we can see that she looks like a totally different person – her face is completely changed and it is impossible to recognize her as the same person that she was.

All in all, we can safely say that Cindy Jackson plastic surgery journey is a very interesting example of professional plastic surgery. Even after 52 plastic surgeries, her face looks beautiful and natural. Cindy Jackson now looks as a totally different person, but it seems that it is exactly what she wanted. Of course, there was always a risk – she could have ruined her face if something would have gone wrong, but that didn’t happen.

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