Claire Danes net worth

Claire Danes net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Claire Danes

Claire Danes net worth

Claire Danes is a well known actress from the United States. It has been reported that the current amount of Claire Danes net worth reaches as much as 20 million dollars. As an actress, she is known from quite a few productions. Examples of them include her appearance on “My So-Called Life” as Angela Chase, “Romeo + Juliet”, where she appeared as Juliet, and “Les Miserables”, where she was casted for a role of Cosette. Thus, these appearances also added up to the overall size of Claire Danes net worth. Currently, one of her most known roles is as Carrie Mathison, whom she is portraying on the show called “Homeland” on the Showtime network. Thus, this is also regarded as one of the current sources of Claire Danes net worth.

Her involvement into acting industry has been awarded as well. She is known as a winner of four Golden Globes as well as three Emmy awards.
Claire Danes was born in 1979 in New York. Claire Danes debuted as an actress on TV, when she got a guest role on a popular TV show called “Law and Order”. In addition to that, she is appeared on another show called “Lifestories: Families in Crisis”.

When she was 15 years old, she was casted for a role in the previously mentioned TV show called “My So-Called Life”. For her appearance in this show, Claire Danes was nominated for an Emmy award and became a winner of the Golden Globe award. Although the show lasted for only 19 episodes, it became very well known.

In 2010, Claire Danes also became a star on the HBO network, where she appeared in its production called “Temple Grandin”. The movie became a success and her appearance in it earned her a couple of more awards as well as praise from critics. Thus, it also added up to the total sum of Claire Danes net worth.

Since 2011, she has also been known as a star on the Showtime network, where she is appearing on the show called “Homeland”. This show also increased her overall fame as well as her financial status. In 1994, Claire Danes also starred in a movie called “Little Women” based on the novel of the same title. Also, it is known that it was due to her appearance on the show “My So-Called Life” that she began getting more and more offers to appear in various movies.

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