Cliff Floyd net worth

Cliff Floyd net worth

Net Worth: $3 Million

About Cliff Floyd

Cliff Floyd net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Cliff Floyd net worth reaches 500 thousand dollars. He has earned some part of his net worth because of his career as a baseball player. Cliff Floyd was playing in Major League Baseball as a left fielder. When he retired, he became a broadcaster. As of right now, he is hosting a show on Sirius XM Radio. Thus, this involvement has also added up to the current amount of Cliff Floyd net worth.
He was born in 1972. He was raised with a little brother named Julius, who is 13 years younger than Cliff Floyd. Then, the family adopted one more girl named Shanta. Cliff Floyd and his two siblings grew up in Markham, Illinois. When Cliff Floyd was studying at Thornwood High School in South Holland, Illinois, he was interested in sports and played baseball, basketball and football. At that time, he focused more on his career as a basketball player and led his high school basketball team to the Class AA Sectional Playoffs. In addition, in his senior year, Cliff Floyd led the team to the Illinois state baseball championship.
After high school, Cliff Floyd was scouted by quite a few colleges but decided to play in minor league baseball when he was chosen to play with the Montreal Expos in the 1991 Major League Baseball draft.

In 1993, he appeared as a Major League Baseball player for the first time with the Montreal Expos. In that season, he appeared in 10 games. The Montreal Expos started to increase the overall sum of Cliff Ford net worth, as well.
In 1997, Cliff Floyd was traded to the Florida Marlins. One year later, he became a starter for the team. In 2002, Cliff Floyd returned to the Montreal Expos. However, in the same year, he joined the Boston Red Sox. One year after that, Cliff Floyd became a player with the New York Mets. Although he was quite a success with the team, he suffered some injuries, which prevented him from playing in 2003 and in 2004.
In 2007, the baseball player signed a contract with the Chicago Cubs. In the same year, he transferred to the Tampa Bay Rays. He signed a contract for one year, which was stated to be worth 3 million dollars. Two years later, he began to play with the San Diego Padres, with which he signed a contract for one year. However, in the same year, he was released from the team. Playing in all of these mentioned teams has also added up to the current size of Cliff Floyd net worth.
In 2010, he started his career as a broadcaster. His first broadcasting job was with Fox Sports Florida. In addition, Cliff Floyd is known for his appearances on NBC Sports Talk on the new NBC Sports Network and on MLB Network. Thus, his broadcasting career has also increased the current sum of Cliff Floyd net worth, in addition to keeping his name well known in the sports industry.

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