Cliff Richard net worth

Cliff Richard net worth

Net Worth: $90 Million

About Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard net worth

Cliff Richard is a well known name in British pop music scene. It has been stated that the current size of Cliff Richard net worth is as much as 90 million dollars, which also makes him included in the list of the richest musicians from the United Kingdom. In addition to his successful career in music, Cliff Richard is also known for his career as an actor. Therefore, these two are important sources when it comes to increasing Cliff Richard net worth. In addition, he is also known as a philanthropist, businessman and producer.

Cliff Richard has been very popular for the last 60 years and in every decade he had at least one single which hit the top in charts. More than 260 million copies of his records have been sold internationally, which makes him one of the highest selling musicians and also increased the overall sum of Cliff Richard net worth.

The musician was born in India in 1940. Cliff Richard occupies the third place when it comes to top selling singles in the United Kingdom. In the beginning of the 1960s, Cliff Richard became a huge phenomenon in British music scene, when he was considered as one of the best popular singers in that period. John Lennon has stated that before Cliff Richard there was nothing to listen to when it came to British music.

Cliff Richard’s career into music has been awarded with numerous awards and recognitions, as he has been nominated and even won a lot of prestigious awards in the industry. Thus, music not only increased Cliff Richard net worth, but it also made him a recognized artist. However, Cliff Richard maintained his popularity only on the European level and has never been a huge star in the United States. On the other hand, one of his singles, called “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, landed in the Billboard Hot 100.

In 1980, Cliff Richard collaborated to the soundtrack of the movie called “Xanadu”, when he and Olivia Newton-John recorded a song called “Suddenly”. The song reached the 20th position in the charts in the United Kingdom. Later, Cliff Richard stated that in the 1970s he was in love with Olivia Newton-John. It is also known that Cliff Richard has never been married. He has stated that marriage is a big commitment, but he has been in love before. In 1995, Cliff Richard got appointed the Knight Bachelor.

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