Cole Hauser net worth

Cole Hauser net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser net worth

It has been estimated that the total amount of Cole Hauser net worth is as high as 4 million dollars, as of right now. Cole Hauser is a popular actor from films and TV productions. He was born in 1975 in Santa Barbara, California. Both of his parents were involved in the cinema industry as his father was actor Wings Hauser and his mother, Cass Warner, had her own production company called Warner Sisters. Cole Hauser’s grandfather is Dwight Hauser, who was an award-winning screenwriter.
In 1977, his parents divorced. At that time, Cole Hauser was only 2 years old. When he was a teenager, he met his father for the first time since the divorce. His father was also the one who encourage him to go to auditions. Cole Hauser was also interested in sports.
Cole Hauser was accepted to a talent camp in New England. He then got a leading part in the play called “Dark of the Moon”. After his performance, Cole Hauser was impressed with getting a standing ovation. When he was 16 years old, he decided to drop-out of school in order to focus on his acting work, which has made him well known and also increased the overall estimate of Cole Hauser net worth.

In 1992, he appeared in his first film called “School Ties”. In this film, many young actors appeared, such as Chris O’Donnell, Brendan Fraser and Ben Affleck. Next, he joined Ben Affleck in the film called “Dazed and Confused”. In 1995, Cole Hauser was chosen to appear in the film by John Singleton called “Higher Learning”. In 1997, he once again joined Ben Affleck in the production called “Good Will Hunting”. In 2000, Cole Hauser appeared as William J. Johns in the production called “Pitch Black”. In addition, he voiced the same role in the prequel video game. Thus, all of these productions not only made him more recognized, but also added up to the overall size of Cole Hauser net worth.
In 2002, he teamed up with Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis in the movie called “Hart’s War”. One year later, the actor was chosen for the role of a Navy SEAL in the film called “Tears of the Sun”, where he once again appeared with Bruce Willis. Cole Hauser appeared as a mob boss in the hit movie called “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Since that time, the actor has portrayed some leading roles in other Hollywood movies, such as “The Cave” and “Paparazzi”.
In addition to his work in films, Cole Hauser has also appeared in some TV productions. One of such productions was the series on FOX called “K-Ville”, in which he appeared with Anthony Andersen. However, it did not last for a long time as after 10 episodes it was canceled. In the same year, Cole Hauser appeared in the production called “The Stone Angel”, which was based on the book written by Margaret Laurence. Therefore, all of these appearances have made him more known in the whole world and also added up to the total sum of Cole Hauser net worth.

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